The Hallak Center
Offices and Boutique Motel in Hollywood, Fla. 12000 sf
VEE architecture Corp 

cell 786-229-1318  office 305-625-0007
a   r   c   h   i   t   e   c   t 
of:305-625-0007  cell: 786-229-1318
1111 Park Centre Blvd, suite 105-B
Miami Gardens, Fla. 33169


Bernwood Point
A unique, award winning master planned community in Fort Myers, Fla.-The community boasts 320 townhouse units, wonderful amenities including walking and hiking trails, clubhouse, water park, tennis courts, several playgrounds, skateboard park, soccer field, and much more!

The renaissance professional Building
Building Features: This 75,000 square foot, three-story multi-tenant professional building is located in Dadedeland, South Miami.- Bold shapes and innovative design make this one of most notable landmarks in recent years. Stunning Architecture and functional design make this unique building a real treasure!

                                                                                  On the Border Restaurant
At Miramar, Fla. features 285 customers seating capacity is the novelty incorporation into the Community.-
Construction completion is estimated on 5-15-11


Eagles Landing
Rental commnunity 320 apartments, Club-house in Pembroke Pines, Fla.
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